If you read nothing else in this review, read this

"If you read nothing else in this review, read this: The Rookers are great people, and you should consider them for your next real estate sale or purchase!

Now onto the details:
I sold a home in Hutto several years ago and was unfortunately caught-up in the housing bubble and bank mess that we've all come to deal with. Throughout the process, my bank did everything possible to complicate the sale. If Michael Moore (or any other documentary provocateur) had wanted to make a movie demonstrating everything wrong with the government and the banking industry, he need only have profiled my house sale. It would have sparked Congressional investigations.

I chose AC and Maureen Rooker (Remax Vision) to sell my house after AC came to my home and sat at my dining room table to go over the necessary documents. There's something to be said for tradition. They immediately dispatched their employee, Marie, to coordinate the necessary documents (I don't know if Marie still works there, but she was a gem, too). AC and Maureen used all of the available tools to garner offers, and after I had accepted one of them, began the laborious process of moving to closing. This is where mortgage companies, inspectors, bank representatives, and even government employees sought to muck-up the entire process... and very nearly did.

I can't overstate the level of insanity forced onto us by these outside groups. People said they would do things and missed deadlines. Documents were lost or incorrectly signed. There were times where I was ready to walk away from the house altogether given the sheer volume of problems with these outside agencies.

This is where the value of a competent, relentless real estate broker like Remax Vision cannot be understated. Maureen and Marie were on top of these problems like I have never seen before in a hired professional. I was updated weekly (and sometimes daily) as to status on pending issues, and given that I worked an irregular schedule with varying hours, they somehow managed to keep track of when I was working to ensure priority calls requiring my immediate attention were not made when I would be otherwise asleep. At least twice during the laborious process, Maureen had the Remax Vice President personally intervene to get one of the banks or governmental agencies to do their job and deliver required documentation or signatures. And when the deal was literally in its eleventh hour and ready to either close or implode, Maureen got into her car and drove from Hutto directly to Houston to ensure final closing documents were signed by the only regional office that could convey the necessary signatures.

Following the closing, I took the time to contact the National Realtors Association, Remax Corporate, the Better Business Bureau, and the Chamber of Commerce to personally commend Remax Vision for its work. This was unsolicited and post-closing, and Remax Vision neither asked me to do this nor compensated me for doing so. I did this because I experienced first-hand the quantitative difference in service from the Rookers and Marie that you simply do not receive anymore. The internet is awash in negativity and complaining (no surprise there), and I think people largely have unrealistic views on what kind of service they should expect when hiring professionals. My experience with Remax Vision is the rare time when the opposite is true, and what I received was far beyond what they were compensated for.

In the end, the best thing I can do is refer business to them. So that is the reason for this review. Please consider Remax Vision when making your decision. And if you don't believe me, contact the Hutto Chamber of Commerce and ask if AC and Maureen Rooker have ever received an award or recognition due to a resident's letter commending their service. When a customer goes to that extent to thank a professional service provider, you know you've found someone special.

These are good people. You can't say that about most people these days. All these years later, I still have saved on my voicemail the messages that Maureen and Marie left me when the closing documents were finally conveyed. I replay those messages whenever I need to be reminded that there are still good, honest, hardworking people left in this world. Maureen's "voicemail cheer" is still something that puts a smile on my face. Thank you Remax Vision."

- Joshua, Hutto, Texas